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We're inviting interested adult athletes (those over 18 years of age) to register & apply to join our team!
Joining is easy & we are now accepting membership registrations through the end of 2018. Annual membership rates are $60.00 for new members to the team and $30.00 for existing members renewing their membership.
Register Here (via RunSignup):

USATF notesmembership in the USA Track & Field (USATF) is required since team competitions are organized by USATF organizations

If a current member of USATF: 
    1.  Residents of North Carolina (NC) - Email the USATF-NC office (membership@northcarolina.usatf.org) with your USATF member number and written intent to join the club (#13-0958).
    2.  Not a resident of NC - Complete the attached form at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions for submission.

If not a current member of USATF:
    1.  Residents of NC - apply for USATF online at http://www.usatf.org and include club number 958 as your club when completing the application.
    2.  Not a resident of NC - apply for USATF membership using the form on the link HERE and Piedmont Pacers as your requested club affiliation #13-0958 and mail to the NC Association. (USATF North Carolina. PO Box 576. Garner, NC 27529-0576)

Dues go towards:            
  • USATF & RRCA Annual Club Fees               
  • Club Insurance                           
  • Website Address            
  • Awards
  • Advertising        
  • Postage
Member Benefits:
  • New members get custom team memento
  • Reimbursement incentive of entry fees up to $100.00 for World Masters Outdoor & Indoor Championships* 
  • USATF Coaching Options
  • Team memento
  • Discounts at Fleet Feet Greensboro (state you're a member of Piedmont Pacers)
  • Organized Workouts (Track, Field & Running)    
  • Monthly E-mail Newsletter
  • Special Events
  • Team Competitions
  • Camaraderie!
* Reimbursement incentive based on successful completion of events registered at the listed events, being a member in good standing and is payable up to 2 weeks after each event.
Jul 6, 2015, 1:10 PM