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Our Vision

"To be the most energetic, enjoyable and contending running, track and field club in the USA."

Our vision is further described by our statements on Camaraderie, Competition & Community values. 

    - Camaraderie - By having fun as a team at competitions and off-the-field team events. We want everyone to enjoy being part of the team as this is a key experience for people attending multi-day meets & a way to maintain connections year after year. 

    - Competition - By having a large amount of teammates participating and winning events to the best of their abilities, whether elite or more recreational in nature – we will always respect & cheer for our teammates! 

    - Community - By engaging others to join our view of healthy living by exercise and to include teammates of both the track & field and road/trail running communities. We will also reach out to the communities where we live to inspire others & become ambassadors for the running world.