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Team Practices

Times and Locations
  • Tuesday Greensboro NC Track & Field  =  6:00pm at NC A&T Track
  • Tuesday Raleigh NC road running =  6:00pm at Capital RunWalk Raleigh
  • Saturday Triad road running = 7:30 am in Greensboro NC at the Spencer Love Tennis Center (3802 Jaycee Park Drive)

Practice Details

Greensboro Track Practice - Greensboro on Tuesdays at 6:00pm at NC A&T track (Aggie Stadium) at 800 East Lindsay St, Greensboro NC 27405.  

Raleigh Road running - Raleigh on Tuesdays at 6:00pm, we will take part in the Group Runs hosted by Capital RunWalk at Cameron Village, 430 Woodburn Road, 27605.  They meet at the store with running around the area with all skill levels welcome.

Saturday Triad road running - 7:30 am in Greensboro NC (meet in front of the Spencer Love Tennis Center (3802 Jaycee Park Drive) on the Greensboro Greenway (various distances and paces), we will run a range depending on runners at each practice and a range of anywhere from 2-8+ miles. All skill levels welcome and pace per mile will also depend on runners at each practice.