We're inviting adult athletes (those over 25 years of age) to register & apply to join our team!

Starting August 11, 2020 anyone registering will ensure their membership lasts until December 31, 2021.

Due to the challenges in 2020, fees for new members are $10.00 (plus $40 for USATF fees if wanting this option) and free for returning members (plus $40 for USATF fees if wanting this option)

Members need to be part of both the Piedmont Pacers Team and USATF in order to participate in the many regional and national events each year. For new members we offer the choice to include USATF membership with your new club membership.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Piedmont Pacers and are also a current member of USATF please Contact Us regarding this process.

Club Memberships:

New Members with USATF membership: $50.00

New Members without USATF membership: $10.00

Renewing Members with USATF membership: $40.00

Renewing Members w/out USATF membership: $0.00

Signup or Renew Membership via the RunSignUp website (select the logo below):

Dues go towards:

- USATF & RRCA Annual Club Fees

- Club Insurance

- Website Address

- Awards

- Advertising and Postage

Member Benefits:

- New members get custom team memento

- USATF Coaching Options

- Discounts at Fleet Feet Greensboro (state you're a member of Piedmont Pacers)

- Organized Workouts (Track, Field & Running)

- Monthly E-mail Newsletter

- Special Events

- Team Competitions & Camaraderie!