Our 2021 Charity is Project Fit America. To learn more or to donate, please use the link below or mail a check to the Pacers mailbox payable to "Project Fit America" and thanks for supporting this worthwhile charity.

More about Project Fit America

Project Fit America (PFA) is a national non-profit public charity dedicated to getting kids fit. PFA donates to schools, grades K-12, fully funded cardiovascular health and lifetime fitness education programs. Formed in 1990 as a (501) (c) (3) corporation, PFA donates 75 cents of each dollar received to schools for the sole purpose of developing exemplary model schools for cardiovascular health and fitness.

The vast majority of our sponsors have been hospitals and healthcare organizations. Since our founding sponsorship drive we have raised over $12,000,000. As of the close of 2013 this has resulted in the development of exemplary fitness in education programs in over 870 schools in 300 cities and 43 states.

Project Fit America (PFA) is a national non -profit organization that creates and administers exemplary fitness in education programming in schools, grades K-8. Under this umbrella we address self-esteem, fitness and exercise as fun, understanding their body, as well as, leadership, sportsmanship and character development. The program goal is to reverse the lack of fitness in youth to give teachers the tools they need to teach children to take responsibility for their health and embrace healthy lifestyle choices with enthusiasm. Our mission is to get kids fit and to create programs that assure every child will find something at which they are very good at and inspire them to participate in more fitness activities. We create the opportunity for all kids, not just the already gifted athletes, to discover, explore, improve and be recognized for their physical, mental and fitness efforts and performance.